Available Urtopia E-Bikes

€600 OFF
Carbon Fiber
15 kg
No maintaining Up to
30,000 km
100 km
GPS Tracking
Smart App
iOS, Android
Torque Sensor
Brushless 250 w Quiet Motor
Portable Samsung Battery
TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Big Anti-Glare LED Display
On-bike Navigation
Integrated lighting system

Why is JobRad cheaper than direct purchase?

Everyone is talking about job bikes, company bikes, e-bike leasing and the 1% or 0.25% regulation for bikes and e-bikes. As an employee, this is easily done via your employer, who leases the e-bike or bicycle from us and then transfers it to you via deferred compensation. The monetary benefit of the unlimited private use is taxed at a flat rate via the 1% or the new 0.25% rule. If your employer covers all the costs, the private use is even completely tax-free. Either way, you usually save 30-40% compared to private purchase.
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What can I benefit from as an employee?

As an employee, you can convince your employer to lease you a company bike and provide it to you via deferred compensation. You get a tax-reduced e-bike that can also be used privately without restriction: for work, everyday life, vacations or sports.
NEWS: from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2030, employees pay only 0.25% imputed income and thus save up to 40% compared to private purchases.
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Your advantages at a glance

Save up to 40% compared to direct purchase

The monthly installments are automatically deducted from your salary

Lean and digital processes via the Jobrad portal

Open to all companies - big companies, small companies or self-employed people

Calculate your personal e-bike flat rate, which will be deducted from your salary!

Can you save up to 40% on your job bike via a gross salary conversion compared to a private purchase. Then calculate now how little a great Urtopia e-bike costs you in net salary per month. The calculator is fiscally up to date and includes the favorable 0.25% regulation.

An employer provides a JobRad with a list price of 3,900 euros to an employee who earns 3,000 euros gross. The usage rate is 113.39 euros, and the taxable monetary benefit (0.25 percent) is 9 euros.
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How to use the JobRad Calculator

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JobRad Calculator

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