Each year, five point two billion metric tons of carbon dioxide are released. Climate change is threatening the planet, urging a change in the way we live. Urtopia is a leading provider of environment-friendly technology. Our proprietary IOT system and AI algorithm make riding an e-bike the greenest way to travel, revolutionizing short-range transport and reducing carbon emissions by 99%.
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“Urtopia is dedicated to using technology to enhance users’ riding experience, leading us toward a greener ride.”
-Owen Zhang, CEO of Urtopia
Certified by BV (BUREAU VERITAS), a globally recognized top three certifier, our product boasts an impressive sustainability achievement.
Why is Urtopia the
Most Sustainable E-Bike?
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
By achieving a remarkably low total carbon footprint of just 276.58 kg CO2, Carbon 1 surpasses the emissions of numerous ordinary bicycles.
Greener Mobility Choice
The Urtopia Carbon 1 e-bike excels in sustainability, emitting only 1/5 of Germany’s standard traffic emissions, and even 2/3 of the emissions of a shared bicycle.
Riding 154 km on Urtopia = Planting 1 Tree
Riding the Urtopia e-bike in Germany for 100 km cuts 2832.25 g CO2, like planting 0.65 trees.
How We Make Ride Greener
Urtopians worldwide
Over 200,000 Urtopians worldwide are passionate about green riding with Urtopia ebikes, and their total ride data is impressive, equivalent to planting a total of 131,300+ trees.
The Urtopians rode a total distance of 43,000,000+ km
The reduction in CO2 emissions amounted to 530,000+ kg
Urtopian’s joint effort is equivalent to planting 131,300+ trees
AIOT Platforms
For Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reduction
Our Smart IoT system and controlling algorithms enable our bikes to intelligently adjust the power model according to users need and boosts energy efficiency by more than 15%. Higher efficiency means less battery volume and lighter weight, reducing carbon emissions during production.
Recycling Packaging
We will continue to use recyclable cardboard packaging and minimize the use of single-use plastic waste.
Cooperation with LEVA-EU
Joined LEVA-EU, partnering with users for a greener future, developing cutting-edge e-bikes, and prioritizing sustainability through innovative technology.
Green Deserves Rewards
Carbon credits are non-monetary rewards earned through activities like daily cycling and referrals in Urtopia App. These credits can be redeemed for cool products related to Urtopia. We aim to offer users practical and fun items that further showcase the lifestyle Urtopia advocates.
Carbon Credits in the App
Experience the convenience of tracking your carbon credit points with the Urtopia e-bike. Simply open the app and explore your journey history, from the very first ride to your latest routes.