Your first hand on Urtopia
Take your first step in to experience the stunning appearance and smooth riding. Book a test ride today with our partners and ambassadors! Their extensive expertise and enthusiasm will help you out with any questions in and out.
Ambassador’s Story - Stefan Gehrke
Always Curious,
Always Share
Address: buero fuer neues denken, Bötzowstr. 18, 10407 Berlin
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Partner’s Story - Jörg Kaufmann
Why a 4S Dealership
Choose Urtopia E-Bike
Address: An d. Hohle 15, 02708 Löbau, Deutschland
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Ambassador’s Story - Henky R.
An E-bike, a Scenic City,
and a Plate of Sardines
Address: Nippes, 50737 Köln (in der Nähe der Straßenbahn und Bus Haltestelle: Wilhelm Sollmann Straße)
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Partner Store
There you can view and test ride our e-bike models, get in-person advice from our e-bike experts. We even have in-stock models ready for immediate purchase.
Ambassadors are Urtopia representatives who are passionate about our e-bikes. While an ambassador may not have every model on hand they are there to meet you to show you the ins and outs of our bikes. They offer real insight into the benefits of being a daily e-bike user.
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How to Test Ride
Book It Choose a location and pick the date, you will receive an email to welcome and confirm.
Meet us Bring nothing other than your curiosity. Meet our Local experts in your city.
Ride it out Learn all about Urtopia bikes, make the most of your test ride. Trust us, you'll want all the time that you can get.
Ambassadors‘ Stories
Henky’s Sightseeing Adventure
He’s all about showing locals the Urtopia e-bike. living in a city with two thousand years of history, home to world-renowned landmarks like the Catholic Cologne Cathedral and a plethora of cultural and artistic hubs, Henky has a thing for pedaling his Urtopia through the city, eyes wide open for the best views. He loves to snap pictures of his Urtopia, perfectly posed against gorgeous landscapes.
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What to experience
From the effortless power of the electric motor to the comfortable and stylish design, experience the thrill for yourself by booking a test ride today!
Full Carbon Fiber
Weight only 15 kg
Full Carbon Fiber
Weight only 15 kg
Try the advantage
of a lightweight e-bike
The riding experience
will not let you down
Smart Elevate
Your Ride
Explore with a customized smart partner: talk, navigate, and never lose track of the bike. Book a free test ride
Not in your city? We got you covered, contact us for more test ride opportunity, or just visit one of our partner store to test ride.
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