Refund Policy

Cancel of Unfufilled Order

1. Cancelling fee

We usually DO NOT charge a cancelling fee on customer side for any cancelled orders before shippment. If one would love to change his/her order (for example, to cancel some items or switch to another bike), please allow our customer support experts to modify your order, to save the transaction and processing fee. 

Please note, there is only one case where a cancelling fee may apply, which is the special subsidy we offer to support our customers. If the order is paid through the special subsidy, we will need to charge a cancelling fee, depending on the expense that the platform charges us. For now, the only subsidy is "Klarna 0% APR financing" (normal payments through Klarna will stay unaffected) and the cancelling fee is 13%.

2. Refunds

Our customer support experts will take the request of cancelling an order from the customer and check the status of fulfillment. If the goods have not been shipped, the request will be automatically approved and a confirmation email will be sent to the customer. The refunds will then be processed and a credit (deducting any cancelling fee) will be applied to the customer's original payment method in no more than 10 working days.

Return of Goods

1. Returning Charge

As specified in the "return and exchange policy", if a return or exchange is caused by Damage/Defect on Arrival ("DOA") , Urtopia will bear all the cost and give a full refund.

If it is due to other reasons, there may be some charges, including re-boxing fee, shipping cost, etc.. In addition, if the return is from an order paid through special subsidy, the order cancelling fee will be applied as well.

2. Refunds

Once the returned goods are received and inspected, we will send a confirmation email to the customer, notifying the status of the return and necessary charges. After the refund is confirmed, it will be processed and a credit (deducting any returning charge) will automatically be applied to the customer's original payment method in no more than 10 working days.

Purchase from Non-official Channels

Please note that each of our distributors, dealers, partner bike shops or other e-commerce platforms sets its own refund policies and procedures. We can not refund you any payment of purchase from other channels. Please contact the place of purchase for their refund policy.


This refund policy will take effect from 21.08.2023. It only applies to sales of Urtopia's official website and stores, including direct payment and leasing orders. Urtopia reserves the interpretation right for all terms above.

Any questions regarding return of any goods, please write to