Urtopia CARE

Comprehensive, Aware, Responsive, Effective

Urtopia CARE

Comprehensive, Aware,
Responsive, Effective


2-Year Warranty

All Urtopia bikes are covered under our 2-year Limited Warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects.

Easy to Claim Process

Contact care@newurtopia.com
for warranty claims

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14-Day Free Return

Free return of unused products within
14 days of delivery.

Favorable Shipping Fees

Free shipping for defective-on-arrivals, and lower fees for returns/replacements.

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Stress-free Insurance

With urtopia’s ebike theft and damage insurance, you can ride your bike with confidence knowing that you are fully protected against any potential accidents or thefts.

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Authorised Service Providers

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Finding a bike mechanic that will work on your ebike can be a logistical nightmare. Urtopia is dedicated to deploying authorised service providers throughout the country for satisfactory service and maintenance.

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Local Service Center

Our Service Center located in Germany provides promise of reliable, rapid response. So that nothing stands between you and your ride.


Otto-Hahn-Str. 5-7


World-class Manufacturing Facility

Our high-standards manufactory in Czech Republic delivers exceptional quality products to ensure your total satisfaction.

With three decades of experience crafting bicycles, our production line produces top-tier bikes with a passion that has never faded. Our specialized engineering and quality assurance guarantee you the best ride possible!


Tutorials & FAQs

Detailed instruction and troubleshooting videos and most frequently asked questions.


Help with my bike

Something not right with your bike? We’ll guide you step by step to resolve the issue.

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Talk to Us

Knowledgeable service representatives will diagnose and resolve unusual problems. Click the bottom below.

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Video Calls 

Communicate with our technical team in real time when it is necessary.

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Urtopia Support Portal

A easy process to claim a warranty or  report an issue. Also you can check your service status.

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How to get in touch with us?

We need your name, email address and order number to help you. Please make sure you have this information available when you contact us.

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We available writer to:

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Letter Address

Unit 9043, 9/F, Block B,
Chung Mei Centre,
15-17 Hing Yip Street,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong