Design Story | An eBike Born for Artists

For outdoor enthusiasts, a sleek MTB is irresistible. Leisure player often fall for a great trekking ebike. But what about those who live and breathe art and music? What kind of ebike would captivate them? One with unique design aesthetics? An elegant, comfortable riding experience? Or maybe an ebike that sings its own song?

With this romantic idea, the seed for an Urtopia ebike designed for artists and musicians was planted. Reflecting on Urtopia's journey, we’ve seen the Carbon series achieve international success. Yet, even before the Carbon series, our founders dreamed of crafting an ebike for artists. They envisioned an ebike that marries Urtopia's smart IoT advantages with a sense of elegance and artistry.

The success of the Carbon series gave the Urtopia team great confidence and more resources to invest in the next generation of products. Thus, the "artist ebike" idea resurfaced. So why not give it a try? Let’s do it!

Design Inspired by the Piano

"A design for artists must exude artistic spirit, with a story and an unexpected form. This time, we’re forging a new design path."

With a rich history, classical elegance, and beautiful melodies, the piano seemed the perfect muse. Our design concept is set with a free-spirited and rebellious tone. The lead designer, a punk music lover, believes the piano, the purest instrument without electronic processing, aligns perfectly with Urtopia’s romantic vision. Early on, we decided the new Urtopia ebike would have a special ambassador: Maksim Mrvica, the classical crossover pianist from Croatia.

Maksim is a master at blending classical and pop music. As Croatia’s most famous pianist, he has guided countless young people into the world of piano. His music blends classical pieces with modern pop elements, making him an ideal ambassador. His famous "Croatian Rhapsody" has over a billion views online. His musical philosophy aligns perfectly with Urtopia's vision. Urtopia aims to merge art, technology, and ebikes, creating a unique "Crossebike."

Maksim, an avid cyclist with a sharp eye for aesthetics, loved this collaboration and chose to work closely with Urtopia. As a passionate rider himself, he offered insights from product logic to design, wanting the bike’s frame curves to mirror the flow of music, smooth and seamless like a melody.

Although Maksim’s idea was relatively abstract, the Urtopia team loved the concept. Therefore, combining his concept, the goal is to visualize the concept of melody. The down tube’s elegant curve gives the frame a cohesive, sturdy appearance. The frame’s rear, inspired by the climax of a symphony, embodies speed and excitement. The battery design mimics piano keys; pressing a black key is like installing the battery. The bike’s black-and-white color scheme echoes the classic look of a piano.

Both the Urtopia team and Maksim are thrilled with the final design.

"If I could choose only one ebike in the world, Chord would be my only choice. I love Chord."

Maksim is grateful for his involvement in the design process. He believes this ebike, named "Chord," is crafted for artists and musicians. Riding it feels like playing a beautiful chord. Thus, Maksim named it - Chord.

Liquid Forging - The Technology of Aerospace

To achieve the perfect frame material for Chord, we opted for a sturdy aluminum alloy. However, it proved challenging to recreate the elegant curves and shapes from our design sketches. To stay true to our original vision, we turned to liquid forging, a high-cost technology typically used in aerospace. This process produces a uniform, dense material that enhances strength, stiffness, ride quality, and aesthetics, offering a stronger, lighter, and more visually striking alternative to traditional frames. With liquid forging, the Chord eBike frame emerges flawless, with exceptional stiffness and strength ensuring enhanced safety. The seamless frame, free of weld scars, boasts perfect curves.

Painting with Elegance

To capture the elegant aesthetic of a piano, we chose PU paint commonly used on pianos, ensuring a smoother finish than regular bike paint. Achieving this piano-like finish involved five meticulous steps: base coat, oil application, color matching, applying a water meter, and another oil application. This process results in a frame with a strong glossy contrast, exuding a luxurious and elegant aura. Additionally, we added a hint of fluorescent powder to the paint, allowing Chord to quietly shine in sunlight. We left the battery section unpainted, resembling a piano's black keys, and offering a canvas for customization. You can personalize your e-bike’s battery case with stickers or create your own design, making it uniquely yours.

Designing for Harmony

In selecting accessories and designing components, we chose styles that complement the overall design language. The crankset was replaced with a sleek, pure black design without complex structures. The tires feature reflective strips for nighttime visibility, maintaining the black-and-white theme.

Smart Features for a Smart Ride

We integrated Urtopia's self-developed IoT smartbox, containing all of Urtopia's smart functions: GPS tracking, fingerprint unlock, built-in navigation, anti-glare display - you name it, we have it. Bluetooth music, fitting for an artist, allows you to ride elegantly with Urtopia playing graceful piano tunes on the streets. We specially developed piano-like ringtone interactions for Chord, with unique piano sounds for gear shifting and power on/off. This provides a more immersive and artistic riding experience.

The journey of creating Chord has been about blending art and technology seamlessly. Every detail, from the liquid-forged frame to the piano-inspired paint, reflects our dedication to creating an eBike that’s not just a mode of transportation, but a work of art. Ride Chord and experience the harmony of design, technology, and elegance.

German Design Award Winner 2024

When Chord was launched, we were thrilled by the recognition it received. The most direct proof of this is winning the 2024 German Design Award. Countless media outlets praised it highly.

"The smoothest and cleanest look."
"Battery integrated under the top tube like never before."
"A lifestyle piece incorporating cutting-edge technology."
"This is a model destined to conquer the public."

Top media like eBikeNews and New Atlas highly praised the Urtopia Chord. Engadget's review of Urtopia Chord said, "The Chord is a sufficiently attractive bike that, if it suits your taste, would serve well as a versatile city e-bike. It's possibly one of the most tech-laden and feature-rich options if that's what you're looking for."

Chord and Chord X - A Comfortable Cruiser to Elevate Your Ride

To make Chord accessible to more users, especially women, we designed two models: Chord and Chord X. Chord X is a comfortable cruiser. The upright riding position, with ergonomic handlebars and an adjustable stem, ensures ultimate comfort. The proprietary sensing and driving system provides intuitive power assistance, making every pedal as light as the wind.

We aimed to design an e-bike that suits most people but still has its unique artistic flair. We want users to truly feel Chord, to feeling the thoughtful design from the Urtopia team, and to experience its elegance and intelligence.

This is the design story of Chord, an eBike born for artists, an eBike born for you.