Urtopia Chord
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Urtopia Chord
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Frame -
Style -
Front rack - Chord/Chord X
Front rack - Chord/Chord X
Rear rack - Chord
Rear rack - Chord
Urtopia Pannier Bag
Urtopia Pannier Bag
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
Water Bottle Cage
Water Bottle Cage
ARES Lights
ARES Lights
Urtopia Portable Air Pump
Urtopia Portable Air Pump
Battery - Chord/Chord X
Battery - Chord/Chord X
One-Year Connect Service
One-Year  Connect Service
Front rack - Chord/Chord X
Front rack - Chord/Chord X
Rear rack - Chord X
Rear rack - Chord X
Urtopia Pannier Bag
Urtopia Pannier Bag
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
Water Bottle Cage
Water Bottle Cage
Urtopia Portable Air Pump
Urtopia Portable Air Pump
ARES Lights
ARES Lights
Battery - Chord/Chord X
Battery - Chord/Chord X
One-Year Connect Service
One-Year  Connect Service
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Full Carbon Lightweight Sporty
Design Inspired
from Piano
Chord, like a beautiful piano piece, bringing unprecedented smoothness and passion to the realm of bike, has won broad applause such as the German Design Award.
Maksim Mrvica
World’s fastest pianist from Croatia, who blends classical grace with vibrant contemporary style. As the concept designer, he extends his aesthetic to the Chord, where elegance and comfort interwine seamlessly.
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Artisanal Grace from
Superior Craftsmanship
No weld scar, Liquid Forging technology makes a seamless frame with perfect curve
Water-based Multi-layer Paint shines quietly and touches as exquisite as a piano
Removable Battery on the top tube completes the entire design like a piano key
A Comfortable Cruiser
to Levitate Your Ride
The upright riding position, with ergonomic handlebar and adjustable stem, ensures ultimate comfort for the rider. The proprietary sensing and driving system gives intuitive power assistance and makes every pedal as light as wind.
A Considerate Mate
to Meet Your Need
With a superb 120km range, you can simply forget about battery anxiety. Abundant accessories and reliable gears make the bike always practical, whether you are cruising in old towns, navigating in modern cities or travelling through countryside. Chord is a perfect mate for a cozy and loose lifestyle.
Easy life , Easy go
Finger-print unlock and GPS anti-theft provide unparalleled security for a carefree ride
Daylight-bright screen and built-in navigation show routes clearly in all weather conditions. Put your cell phone in your pocket and never worry about accidental drop or battery drain.
Be Yourself, Have Fun
Smartbar plays your music like a musicbox. Let your rhythm resonate with Chord
Smart App tracks your journey and health. Get on the bike and share your thrilling moments with your friends and family.
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Local care all the time
1 service center, 150+ service partners
24hrs service response, App build-in portal
Spare parts available locally, ships in 3 days.
10+ technical experts, 99% satisfaction rate.
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Urtopia Chord
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€1.699,00 €2.299,00 or as low as €70,79/Month
Size Guide
Recomm. rider height 170-195 cm
A. Standover height 810 mm
B. Adjustable seat range 100 mm
C. Handlebar grips height 1100-1130 mm
D. Seat tube length 500 mm
E. Wheelbase 1094 mm
F. Overall length 1800 mm
G. Wheel diameter 700 mm
H. Top tube length (effective) 620 mm
I. Head tube length 200 mm
J. Headset height 90-120mm
90% assembly
Delight in the convenience of our 90% pre-assembled e-bike package, making assembly a breeze!

Customer Reviews

Based on 604 reviews
Gute Qualität

Habe endlich mein Chord X bekommen und es ist wirklich ein tolles E-Bike!


Tolles Produkt! Sehr einfach zusammenzubauen. Gut verarbeitet und einfach zu bedienen.
Ich habe nichts zu beanstanden. Sehr zufrieden mit diesem Fahrrad.

Langlebiges Fahrrad

Tolles Fahrrad, funktioniert zuverlässig, hochwertige Verarbeitung zu einem konkurrenzfähigen Preis.
Ich benutze es als tägliches Pendelrad zu meiner Arbeitsstelle.

Tolles E-Bike

Ich fahre dieses Fahrrad sehr gern. Ich bin froh, dass ich die Farbe bekommen habe, die ich wirklich will. Ich bin 1,90 m groß und wiege 97 kg. Ich habe die Größe L genommen, die perfekt für mich ist. Ich bin mit diesem Kauf sehr zufrieden.

Der Carbonrahmen sieht so robust aus

Ich habe das Fahrrad letzte Woche bekommen und bin nur zweimal gefahren. Ich bin nachts nicht gefahren, aber alles, was anderen hilft, mich zu sehen, gibt mir eine bessere Chance, sicher ans Ziel zu kommen.
Ich habe auch einen Helm gekauft, der die Art und Weise, wie Autos auf sich aufmerksam machen, spürbar verändert. Das Blinkerlicht ist auch im Dunkeln gut sichtbar, was ebenfalls hilfreich ist.

Size & Fit

A. Standover height

810 mm

B. Adjustable seat range

100 mm

C. Handlebar grips height

1100-1130 mm

D. Seat tube length

500 mm

E. Wheelbase

1094 mm

F. Overall length

1800 mm

G. Wheel diameter

700 mm

H. Top tube length (effective)

620 mm

I. Head tube length

200 mm

J. Headset height

90-120 mm

Technical Specifications


Smartbar features

Voice control, fingerprint start, LED dot-matrix display, haptic interaction, bluetooth music, built-in navigation, GPS tracking, OTA upgrade


Connect Service with 4G, Bluetooth & WiFi

IoT sensors

Accelerometer, gyroscope, torque


iOS & Android

Connect Service

1 year included*



Customized rear hub, 36 V 250 W, 45 N⋅m

Speed modes

Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo

Top speed (assisted)

25 km/h


50~120 km

Removable battery

352.8 Wh Samsung Li-ion, 3-hr quick charge



21 kg

Load-bearing capacity

130 kg


Chord: 170 cm – 195 cm

Chord X: 160 cm – 185 cm

Body material

6061 aluminum with liquid forging technology.


TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes


8-Speed Shimano rear derailleur

Integrated lights

StVZO headlight; rear light


700C (ISO 622 mm BSD), inner rim 19 mm


CST C1720, 700 x 42C with reflective strips

*This service will be automatically activated once the bike is activated and bound to your account. We provide free access in the first year, with the following terms to be renewed by subscription to this service. A code will be sent to your email which can be used to renew the service in our App.

Urtopia Caring


2-Year Warranty

All Urtopia bikes are covered under our 2-year Limited Warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects.

Easy to Claim Process

Contact care@newurtopia.com for warranty claims

14-Day Free Return

Free return of unused products within 14 days of delivery.

Favorable Shipping Fees

Free shipping for defective-on-arrivals, and lower fees for returns/replacements.

Authorised Service Providers

We have over 50 authorized repair shops across major cities in Germany to provide reliable after-sales service for our e-bikes. Our repair partners are experts in their field and have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with quality products and services. Simply visit one of our authorized repair shops for repairs or maintenance. We’re committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience with our e-bikes.

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Urtopia Care

Tutorials & FAQs

Our comprehensive online resources include detailed instruction, troubleshooting videos with step-by-step teaching, and FAQ to address your concerns.

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Something not right with your bike? We’ll guide you step by step to resolve the issue.

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Support info


Urtopia Chord FAQs
Why Choose Urtopia?
At Urtopia, we are passionate about creating the ultimate riding experience for our customers. Our focus on technology and design sets us apart from other brands, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support.

Our products are unique and innovative, featuring materials like carbon fiber and manufacturing processes like liquid forging that give our bikes a high-tech, futuristic look. When you ride an Urtopia ebike, you’ll be the coolest one in the street.

But we’re not just about looks - our bikes are the smartest ebikes on the market, thanks to our cutting-edge algorithms and control technology. Our bikes are equipped with GPS, torque, speed, gyroscope, etc. All of these sensors work together and under our intelligent algorithms to provide a seamless and intelligent riding experience, with features like theft prevention, bike finding, and user community, as well as smart online repair and maintenance services.

We believe in providing exceptional customer service and support. Our internal aftersales service team includes English and German-speaking customer service representatives and technical support personnel. We strive to respond to user requests within 24 hours, diagnose and develop solutions to problems, and provide personalized and attentive support to our customers.

In the United States and Germany, we work with partners to build aftersales centers, manage spare parts, and provide in-store repairs and maintenance services in over 20 stores in the US and over 30 stores in Germany. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible riding experience and to be there for them every step of the way. Choose Urtopia and join us on the ride of a lifetime!
How does our aftersales service work?
At Urtopia, we believe that providing excellent customer service is essential. That’s why we have developed a simple and effective workflow through our CARE program that can help you in many ways.

Using CARE is straightforward and easy. You can submit your requests through any channel, such as email, live chat, or filling out a form on our website. Our experts will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with a range of support and services, through various channels, including email, live chat, phone, and video call. If you need hands-on support, we can guide you to the nearest authorized repair shop for assistance.

To ensure that you stay informed throughout the process, we have an after-sales service tracking system that allows you to check the progress and expected completion time of your case at any time.

We understand that encountering issues with your bike can be frustrating and can disrupt your daily routine. Our CARE program is designed to make your experience with Urtopia as seamless and stress-free as possible. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support, and we genuinely care about your satisfaction.

In summary, the CARE program is a simple and effective workflow that can help you get the support and services you need quickly and efficiently. We are here to provide you with comprehensive, aware, responsive, and effective (C.A.R.E.) support and ensure that you have a positive experience with Urtopia.
What are the height and weight limits for riders in Chord and Chord X?
The Chord is designed for cyclists with a height range from 170cm - 195cm , the maximal weight bearing is 130kg.

The Chord X is designed for cyclists with a height range from 160cm - 185cm , the maximal weight bearing is 130kg.
What does 6061 aluminum with liquid forging technology mean?
6061 aluminum is a common aluminum alloy that is known for its strength, weldability, and machinability. It is often used in applications where high strength and good corrosion resistance are required, such as in aerospace, automotive, and structural components.

Liquid forging technology, also known as squeeze casting, is a manufacturing process that combines elements of casting and forging. It involves injecting molten metal, in this case, 6061 aluminum, into a preheated die while applying high pressure to the material to solidify it. This process helps to achieve a more uniform and dense structure than traditional casting, and can result in improved mechanical properties, such as higher strength and better fatigue resistance.

Overall, using 6061 aluminum with liquid forging technology can result in high-performance components that are strong, durable, and well-suited for demanding applications.
What accessories are included in the bike box?
Bike Frame,
Front Wheel,
Smartbar Box ( with integrated StVZO front light),
Sear Post & Saddle,
Removable Battery,
Battery Keys,
Assembly Tools,
Front and Rear Fenders.
Is the handlebar stem adjustable in Chord?
YES, here is the range:90-120 mm
How long does it take to charge the battery? How many miles will it last?
3hours. Based on lab testing, our ebikes are capable of lasting up to 120 km in perfect conditions on a single charge. Actual results will vary depending on weight, weather, terrain, mode, riding habits and battery care
Here is the laboratory Data.
50-120 km
Eco mode: up to 120km
Comfort mode: up to 70km
Sport mode: up to 50km