Shimano CUES




Enviolo Stepless


“Form Follows Emotion”

—Hartmut Esslinger

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Hartmut Esslinger

Legendary Designer
For Apple & Sony

Legendary designer Hartmut Esslinger, renowned for his iconic contributions to Apple and Sony, has brought his expertise to the development of our new e-bike, Fusion. All designs are guided by the principle “form follows emotion,” emphasizing safety, versatile terrains, and user-friendly simplicity. This sets the tone for Fusion.

Every Angle

Safety First
Reflective Design

Your Frame, Your Way

Blending geometry into the design creates an aesthetic that enhances both the beauty and stability of the bike frame through angle relationships.

Safety is the foundation of Fusion. Reflective strips on the bike frame’s front and rear enhance visibility during your night rides.

The V shaped step-through frame ensures easy on-and-off accessibility, promoting a relaxed, upright sitting position for enhanced comfort.


—Hartmut Esslinger

Premium Carbon,
Smooth Finish

Capturing every angle, every line, each detail with unique craftsmanship. To achieve this precision and rigor, top-tier, supercar-grade carbon fiber is the only choice. Showcasing the ultimate beauty of geometric design.

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Is the Way

The lightweight nature of carbon fiber makes Fusion, even as an SUV e-bike, easy to carry, ensuring faster acceleration, effortless uphill rides, and more responsive handling.

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Dual Battery
Extended to 200km

With a 540Wh battery, adding an extra 360Wh transforms it into a range extender. It’s a dual-battery setup, extending the range to 200km.

120km +80km

Smooth Riding Ever

With a 95Nm high-torque mid-drive motor, every pedal stroke packs a punch. The 100mm travel air suspension fork ensures comfort on all terrains, making your ride a powerful and smooth adventure.

100mm Travel

Air Suspension Fork


Mid-Drive Motor

Accessibility & Versatility

Fusion’s rear racks seamlessly integrate with the MIK (Mounting Is Key) system, enabling easy, secure attachment of accessories like baskets, seats, and pet carriers. The removable battery allows convenient charging wherever you go.

Mounting Is Key

MIK Compatible Rear Rack

Charge it anywhere

Removable Battery

Charge it anywhere

Removable Battery

Pick Your Way of Gearing


Enviolo Stepless Shifting

The continuously variable planetary transmission, a seamless feature of enviolo, empowers cyclists to effortlessly transition between different gear ratios, even during high-capacity pedaling. Paired with a carbon belt, you enjoy a maintenance-free experience.


Shimano CUES Derailleur

Shimano CUES 10-Speed rear derailleur delivers precision and reliability. With smooth shifting across ten gears, it ensures a seamless cycling experience, combining performance and durability for versatile riding.

Unleashes the
All Terrain Beast

Fusion is equipped with wide tires, air suspension fork, mid-drive motor, ultra-high endurance, and a stable frame, providing users with the ability to freely navigate all terrains.

Trail & Off Road

Hill Road & Gravel

City Riding

Trail & Off Road

Hill Road & Gravel

City Riding

The Bike With a Mind

Never lose it

Movement alarm

Once locked, the onboard alarm monitors movements and alerts you against unauthorized ones.

GPS tracking and fence

Aided by a constant 4G connection, GPS tracking keeps you informed of the e-bike’s position, even in the worst scenario of theft.

Find my bike story

This is the story of David’s Urtopia ebike being stolen during his trip and then recovered, leaving the Las Vegas police officer who assisted him in shock, saying, “In all my 20 years on the job, I’ve never seen a bike recovered like this.”

Watch Video

Fingerprint unlock

No more hassle worrying about losing another key.

Navigation without cellphone

Bright screen shows navigation clearly under daylight, no more ugly phone holder.

Track your route

Smart App tracks your journey and health. Get on the bike and share your thrilling moments with your friends and family.

Bluetooth music

We know the importance of music, so we build in a bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favourite music when riding without carrying an external speaker.

Smart Ring

Control Your E-Bike with a Ring

With just a swipe of the ring, power on, play music, or even engage in a conversation with ChatGPT. The ring allows customizable interactions for all smart functions.

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Just Fingertip,
Magic Happens

Our ecosystem automates everything, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This maximizes training efficiency and prevents injuries by monitoring your workouts.

Your All in One
Health Coach

Your rides and daily activities offer personalized insights. Our AI companion tailors accurate recommendations exclusively for you—no more generic advice.

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Size Guide and Fit
Recomm. rider height
A. Adjustable seat range
B. Handlebar grips height
C. Seat tube length
D. Wheelbase
E. Overall length
F. Wheel diameter
G. Top tube length (effective)
H. Head tube length
I. Headset height
165-190 cm
140 mm
1085-1115 mm
485 mm
1205 mm
1935 mm
730 mm
633 mm
144 mm
90-120 mm

Smart Functions

Smartbar features

Voice control, fingerprint start, LED dot - matrix display, haptic interaction, bluetooth music, built-in navigation, OTA upgrade


eSIM with 4G, Bluetooth, GPS

IoT sensors

Accelerometer, gyroscope, torque sensor


iOS & Android

Connect Service

1 year included*



Mid-Drive Motor (Bafang), 36V 250W, 95Nm

Speed modes

Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo

Top speed (assisted)

25 km/h


Up to 120 km

Removable battery

529.2 Wh, 21700 Samsung Li-ion



Fusion: From 23 kg
Fusion CVT: From 24 kg

Load-bearing capacity

Total max load 150 kg


One size, suitable for 160-190 cm

Body material

Carbon fiber (frame)


SR Suntour suspension fork with 100 mm travel

Seat Post

Fusion: Aluminum seat post
Fusion CVT: SR Suntour NCX Suspension


Fusion: Shimano CUES U6000 1X10 Speed
Fusion CVT: Enviolo Heavy Duty (Ratio 380%)


Fusion: KMC e10 Turbo
Fusion CVT: Gates CDX carbon belt


Fusion: TEKTRO HD-M280 disc brakes
Fusion CVT: Magura MT4 eSTOP disc brakes

Integrated lights

StVZO headlight


28 Inch


Schwalbe Big Apple 55-622(28X2.15)

*This service will be automatically activated once the bike is activated and bound to your account. We provide free access in the first year, with the following terms to be renewed by subscription to this service. A code will be sent to your email which can be used to renew the service in our App.