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Available Urtopia E-Bikes
€600 OFF
Carbon Fiber
15 kg
No maintaining Up to
30,000 km
100 km
GPS Tracking
Smart App
iOS, Android
Torque Sensor
Brushless 250 w Quiet Motor
Portable Samsung Battery
TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Big Anti-Glare LED Display
On-bike Navigation
Integrated lighting system
Why is a bike leasing bike cheaper than buying it directly?
This is mainly due to the tax advantages resulting from the company car regulation. With bike leasing, the employer is the lessee and provides the bike to the employee for use. If an employee decides to purchase a company bike, he or she also decides to convert part of his or her salary entitlement into a benefit in kind. This reduces the taxable income for both the employee and the employer. In this case, the so-called non-cash benefit for the company car (1% of the quarter of the manufacturer's recommended retail price rounded down to a full 100 euros) is added back to the taxable salary. The lower taxable income also reduces social security contributions and thus also corresponding benefits by a small amount (e.g. in the old-age pension).
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What can I benefit from as an employee?
Bike leasing for employees: Lease cheaply. Get there better.

The main advantage of bike leasing is that it is significantly cheaper for employees to use a company bike and take it over afterwards than to buy a bike or e-bike directly. Other benefits include bike insurance, healthy exercise, sustainability and saving on fuel costs. With company bike leasing, you can save up to 40% on the purchase of your dream bike and actively contribute to the transport revolution with sustainable, healthy mobility.
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Your advantages at a glance
1.save money Thanks to salary conversion and tax benefits, as an employee you can save up to 40% on the purchase of a company bike compared to buying one outright.
2. privately mobile Take your e-bike into town after work or out into the countryside at the weekend - private use is explicitly permitted with company bike leasing.
3. free choice Folding bike, road bike or e-bike? Market leader or niche manufacturer? You have the choice and decide independently which bike will be your company bike.
4. best insurance Well insured in case of theft and accident as well as in case of dismissal, parental leave, etc.: With our comprehensive insurance coverage.
5. simply online Manage contracts, book service appointments or report damage - all this can be done online via our portal, simply, unbureaucratically and at any time.
6. on-site service We rely on stationary trade: As a bike leasing user, you can expect personal advice and reliable service on site at over 7,100 bike leasing partners in German-speaking countries.
Find your dream bike at a reasonable price with bike leasing
Good for you, your wallet and the environment: with Dienstrad-Leasing you can save up to 40% on the purchase of your dream bike. But that's not all: as a Dienstrad rider, you also save yourself high fuel costs, stressful traffic jams and nerve-wracking searches for parking spaces. Healthy exercise and a good environmental conscience come free of charge.
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