The Unstoppable Bicycle Enthusiast

Partner’s Story – Uwe Zapf

Buckle up, fellow bike enthusiasts! Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to our incredible ambassador, Uwe Zapf. With an unwavering love for bike riding, Uwe's passion for two-wheeled adventures knows no bounds. In this blog post, we'll delve into Uwe's personality, his journey into the world of bicycles, and how he became one of our esteemed brand ambassadors for Urtopia.

Urtopia test ride at Geldern

Since 1995, Uwe has been conquering the finance industry with his expertise in personal loans and construction financing. However, his true adrenaline rush comes from the thrill of riding fast on racing bikes. Uwe's obsession with speed led him to participate in the renowned "Cyclassics" race in Hamburg not just once, but three times! Starting with a challenging 60-kilometer ride and eventually achieving a remarkable 100 kilometers in just three and a half hours, Uwe's thirst for distance goals and challenges on his racing bike kept him hooked.

After his old e-bike broke down unexpectedly, Uwe found himself in urgent need of a replacement before embarking on a much-anticipated trip in his camper van. That's when he stumbled upon Urtopia. Eager to test out our e-bikes, he visited our ambassador Thomas Krautter in Düsseldorf. Impressed by the performance and features of our e-bikes, Uwe wasted no time acquiring his very own Urtopia model from a partner workshop in Frankfurt - just in time for his vacation. Uwe's heart was captured by the sleek and stylish design of the Carbon 1 model, weighing just 15 kilograms. With its anti-theft alarm system and location tracking, Uwe could rest easy knowing his e-bike was both secure and traceable. Moreover, the quick availability of the Urtopia e-bike was a pleasant surprise for him, as traditional bike stores often take weeks to deliver. It was a match made in cycling heaven!

Unveiling a fun fact about our ambassador, Uwe has bid farewell to his car and now relies solely on his trusty Carbon 1 for his daily commute and adventures. Embracing Urtopia's electric innovation, he zooms through city streets and countryside trails, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspired onlookers. Known for his witty humor and unfiltered honesty, Uwe's friends describe him as someone who speaks his mind without hesitation.

Urtopia test ride at Geldern

Uwe Zapf, our remarkable ambassador and bike aficionado, has not only embraced the thrill of riding fast on racing bikes but also discovered the joy of e-biking through Urtopia. His passion for two-wheeled adventures knows no bounds, and we're grateful to have him as part of our ambassador network. So, next time you're out cruising on your e-bike, keep an eye out for Uwe as he whizzes past with a contagious smile on his face. Happy riding, everyone!