That's Why N-TV Reviewed Carbon 1 Pro

“It is no longer that easy to make a pedelec stand out from the crowd. However, Urtopia has succeeded in doing so with its eponymous e-bike. This is not only due to the unusual look, but also to the materials and a number of smart ideas.”

Three years ago, German media outlet N-TV had review about Urtopia Carbon 1 when it first hit the scene in INDIEGOGO. They loved its unique design and praised Urtopia for the romantic frame design and the potential of the eSIM card for future updates. It was a big thumbs up from N-TV.

Germany NTV, known as n-tv, part of RTL Group, is a top German national news channel since 1992, providing 24/7 coverage. It offers live shows, documentaries, and discussions on politics, economics, sports, and lifestyle. Known for accurate reporting, it's a trusted source for millions in Germany and beyond.

Today, three years later, Carbon 1 has evolved into its full form - Carbon 1 Pro. While the frame maintains its original flavor and lightweight feel, the riding experience has been significantly enhanced. From a single-speed city e-bike, it has transformed into a wide-tire, 10-speed, all-terrain gravel e-bike. And just as they hoped, Urtopia's Carbon 1 Pro has made numerous breakthroughs in smart functions compared to three years ago, including:

  • Becoming the world's first e-bike with ChatGPT integration
  • Adding built-in navigation for hassle-free riding
  • Introducing Bluetooth music functionality for added joy while riding
  • Incorporating GPS tracking for peace of mind against theft
  • Adding E-Fence security feature
  • Including small games on the dot matrix display
  • Displaying riding-related data such as calorie consumption, total riding time, cadence, time, and weather on the display

N-TV is highly interested in this masterpiece, the Carbon 1 Pro, and can't wait to witness what might be the smartest e-bike in the world. Yes, the significant upgrade in smart features is what caught N-TV's attention. Urtopia and N-TV hit it off, and a Carbon 1 Pro is already on its way to N-TV for testing.

"It's an Incredible E-Bike"

N-TV's testers were astounded by Urtopia's intelligent features. The advanced voice control made every riding command as simple as a word, while the user-friendly left side handlebar buttons seamlessly adjusted the dot matrix display data, making riding control a breeze.

Their favorite feature? GPS tracking. The Carbon 1 Pro's ability to always pinpoint its location ensures you never have to worry about losing your e-bike. In fact, Urtopia has successfully recovered more than 10 stolen e-bikes, achieving a remarkable 100% success rate. You can read about these amazing recovery stories in a special blog

Another feature N-TV loved was the E-Fence. Thanks to the eSIM internet connection, the Urtopia app can easily locate your e-bike. Plus, you can set up the E-Fence to sound an alarm if your Urtopia is moved beyond your set range (currently set from 20m to 500m), providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Top German Media Love Urtopia

Top German media outlets, including CHIP,, Welt, SPIEGEL,, RND, etc., have all given high praise to Urtopia e-bikes for their smart features.

We're thrilled that our core philosophy, "The bicycle with a mind," has received recognition from so many top media outlets. Our aim is to enhance your riding experience through genuine intelligence. It's not just about gimmicks or hype; even if it's just a small improvement, we hope to use smart technology to make your rides more enjoyable and make you fall even more in love with cycling.