Your benefits
through JobRad
Deducted from your salary
Monthly contributions towards your lease of a Urtopia will be deducted from your gross salary. A 36 month leasing plan let you split the cost and enjoy the product.
Additional monthly savings
If you lease with JobRad, your purchase is tax deductible. You can save up to 40% compared to buying a bike with a traditional payment method.
Enjoy it from now, even outside of work
Ride away from stress and towards happiness! Request your bike today to take advantage of an enjoyable biking experience both during work hours as well as after.
Request on Offer
How it works
Please ensure that your employer has signed up with JobRad. Your employer doesn't offer JobRad yet?
1. Click on the button or filling the form below to start your application with a new form. (Currently only Carbon 1 is available for JobRad)

2. We will then place an offer for you on the JobRad portal, where you can view and confirm it.

3.After you approve the offer, JobRad sends the offer to your employer for approval

4. Once it’s been approved by your employer, your bike will then be shipped once in stock.

5. Please be aware that accessories will be shipped separately and might arrive later than the bike.
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