Urtopia Carbon 1
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Urtopia Carbon 1
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Model -
Carbon Belt
Shimano Gear
Size -
One Size
Style -
Gepäckträger - Carbon 1/1s
Gepäckträger - Carbon 1/1s
Schutzbleche - Carbon 1/1s
Schutzbleche - Carbon 1/1s
Urtopia Pannier Fahrradtasche
Urtopia Pannier Fahrradtasche
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
ABUS Bordo 6000/120
Urtopia Mini Tragbare Luftpumpe
Urtopia Mini Tragbare Luftpumpe
Batterie - Carbon 1/1s
Batterie - Carbon 1/1s
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Carbon 1 Pro
The lightweight gravel e-bike delivers exceptional performance and style.
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Refurbished Carbon 1
Offers the same design and performance as new, but at €400 less.
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€600 OFF
Elegantly zip around town for meet-ups, errands, or Sunday fun.
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Smartest and Lightest E-Bike
15 kg Net Weight
100 km per charge
4 levels pedal assist
360 Wh Battery
100% Carbon Fiber
90% Assembled
Anti-theft GPS Tracking
Magnetic Torque Sensor
Removable Samsung Battery
hydraulic Disc Brakes
Design is the Soul
Mathis Heller
Urtopia’s Concept Designer
Formerly a designer for BMW and Siemens, and inspired by the Möbius strip, Mr. Heller built a stunning frame shape that symbolizes sustain- ability and interconnectedness.
Carbon 1
Perfect for urban commuters
Gates carbon belt drive
Cleaner, quieter and smoother
30,000 km Maintenance free
Carbon 1 is great for commuters because you’ll never get a grease mark on your nice slacks. If you enjoy quiet rides in the morning while enjoying nature and the birds’ singing, you may want to opt for a belt drive.
Effortless to Carry
Full Carbon (Only 15kg)
Literally, an e-bike single-handedly manageable. Just a fraction of the weight compared to peer e-bikes, thanks to a full carbon body of frame, handlebar, seat post, and forks.

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A bike you never lose

Aided by a constant 4G connection, GPS tracking keeps you informed of the e-bike’s position, even in the worst scenario of theft, for as long as 30 days.

We have helped users all over the world to retreat their beloved bike.
Navigation without Cellphone

Bright screen shows navigation clearly under daylight, no more ugly phone holder.

Let you explore the unknown safe and free.
Integrated with
Apple Watch and Strava
Urtopia E-Bike allow syncing Apple Watch for Heart Rate Monitoring on Smartbar in real time. Urtopia App also break data barriers, sync with Apple Health, and share to Strava in just one click!
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“Urtopia is an over the top e-bike”
“Eye-catching styled carbon frame”
“The carbon pedelec from Urtopia is also stylish, light and electric.”
“Lightweight, networked and highly secure”
“The AI-powered co-pilot adds a new level
of intelligence and interactivity”
“Lightweight carbon fiber road e-bike with affordably-price”
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Experience the bike in real
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Local care all the time
1 service center, 150+ service partners
24hrs service response, App build-in portal
Spare parts available locally, ships in 3 days.
10+ technical experts, 99% satisfaction rate.
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Smartest E-Bike Ever

Anti-glare LED Display
Gamepad Controls
Quiet Motor
Smart App
Removable Battery
Modular Rear Light
20 Lux Headlight
Carbon Belt
Torque Sensor

Size Guide



*This service will be automatically activated once the bike is activated and bound to your account. We provide free access in the first year, with the following terms to be renewed by subscription to this service. A code will be sent to your email which can be used to renew the service in our App.
Size & Fit
Technical Specifications
*This service will be automatically activated once the bike is activated and bound to your account. We provide free access in the first year, with the following terms to be renewed by subscription to this service. A code will be sent to your email which can be used to renew the service in our App.
90% assembly
Delight in the convenience of our 90% pre-assembled e-bike package, making assembly a breeze!
Stars love Urtopia
Tracy McGrady
NBA Hall of Famer
“Urtopia makes me fall in love with riding, and I’m sure you will too.”
Franz Loeschke
5x German champion triathlete
“Far from the steretype of traditional e-bikes, Urtopia has beautiful bodywork, just as cool as my triathlon bike.”
Max Lemke
2021 Canoeing Olympic Champion
“What sets a world champion apart is the mindset for balance and control. Urtopia has been produced with that in mind.”
Alessandro Barbero
BMX rider,3x Italian champion
“Urtopia Smartbar is fascinating! I'am amazed by how enjoyable it is.”
Ben Baller
Best Jewelers in the World
“Aside from carbon fiber and the look, the powerful Turbo mode and the smart features with comprehensive connectedness is also incredible, it’s got everything, it’s well-built…hit the beach with it”
Smash Mouth
Choice Award for Favorite Band
“It is environmental correct, it boost your range, it opens up a whole new world for me.”
Users Like You, Worldwide
Karina Schwirtlich “it is much easier to use :) Going uphill is so much easier, I could even read a book while doing this.”
Rex Peters “I got 4 other brands and I still learning the Urtopia but so far my favorite e-bike . Look how far technology has come so fast . Happy and safe riding.”
v.wrightfitness “The smoothest riding e-bike I have tried! Thank you.”
Chris “Outstanding performance. I love this bike.”
Rino Folisi “Finally Endlich vereint.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 623 reviews
Rolf-Thomas M.
Great bike and customer support

Ultimate customer test for my e-bike today .. Unfortunately, the axle/tread bearing (loud cracking) & smartbar (no logging) were defective.
But ☝️.. Immediately Urtopia active with Top Support via EMail, spare parts sent & 👌within 24h repair at the service center Langen/ Germany /.
I wouldn't have thought that was possible. Big up and keep up the good work team Urtopia .. This is how EBiking makes even more fun 👏☀️😎

Carbon 1s

The new look of my Carbon 1s.

gut gebautes E-Bike

Ich denke, das ist der beste Preis, den man für ein qualitativ hochwertiges E-Bike finden kann. Ich liebe mein Fahrrad, das jetzt über 720 Meilen gefahren ist. Keine Beschwerden!! Sehr empfehlenswert.

Gutes Zeug

Sehr schöne Fahrräder. Wir lieben unsere 2 Fahrräder!

lightweight bike!

Ich habe das Fahrrad gerade erst erhalten und bin einmal damit gefahren. Daher kann ich nicht viel dazu sagen, aber ich liebe es, es ist bequem für mich.




Urtopia Carbon 1
€2.699,00 €3.299,00 or as low as €112,45/Month
Order Now
Order Now
€2.699,00 €3.299,00 or as low as €112,45/Month

Size & Fit

A. Standover height

840 mm

B. Adjustable seat range

60 mm

C. Handlebar grips height

1020 mm

D. Seat tube length

500 mm

E. Wheelbase

1120 mm

F. Overall length

1850 mm

G. Wheel diameter

690 mm

H. Top tube length (effective)

610 mm

I. Head tube length

180 mm

J. Headset height

100 mm

Technical Specifications

Smart Functions

Smartbar features

Voice control, fingerprint unlock, LED dot-matrix display


Connect Service with 4G, Bluetooth & WiFi

IoT sensors

Accelerometer, gyroscope, torque


iOS & Android

Connect Service

1 year included*



Carbon 1: 36V 250W(rated), 35 N.m
Carbon 1s: 36V 250W(rated), 45 N.m

Speed modes

Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo

Top speed (assisted)

16 mph (25 km/h)


40~100 km

Removable battery

9.8 Ah 352.8 Wh Samsung Li-ion, 2.5-hr quick charge



Carbon 1:  15 kg
Carbon 1s:   15.8 kg

Payload Capacity

Max. 110 kg


One Size (see Size Guide)

Body material

Carbon fiber (frame, fork, handlebar, seatpost)


Front and rear dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes


Carbon 1: Gates Carbon Drive™ CDN™ belt(up to 30,000km)

Carbon 1s: Shimano 7-Speed Rear Drivetrain with ALIVIO Rear Derailleur

Integrated lights

StVZO headlight; Advanced Rear Early-indication System (ARES)


700C (ISO 622 mm BSD), inner rim 19 mm


Kenda Kwest 700x35C (35 mm / 1.4”) (30~45 mm compatible)

What’s in the Box

Urtopia Carbon one

Front Wheel, Frame, Seatpost, saddle, Pedals

Removable battery

Battery, Charger, Battery key

Frame (accessory) bag

4mm Allen wrench, 15mm combination wrench, front-wheel quick-release device

*This service will be automatically activated once the bike is activated and bound to your account. We provide free access in the first year, with the following terms to be renewed by subscription to this service. A code will be sent to your email which can be used to renew the service in our App.

Urtopia Caring


2-Year Warranty

All Urtopia bikes are covered under our 2-year Limited Warranty for the owner against all manufacturing defects.

Easy to Claim Process

Contact care@newurtopia.com for warranty claims

14-Day Free Return

Free return of unused products within 14 days of delivery.

Favorable Shipping Fees

Free shipping for defective-on-arrivals, and lower fees for returns/replacements.

Authorised Service Providers

We have over 150 authorized repair shops across major cities in Germany to provide reliable after-sales service for our e-bikes. Our repair partners are experts in their field and have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with quality products and services. Simply visit one of our authorized repair shops for repairs or maintenance. We’re committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience with our e-bikes.

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Urtopia Care

Tutorials & FAQs

Our comprehensive online resources include detailed instruction, troubleshooting videos with step-by-step teaching, and FAQ to address your concerns.

Help with my bike

Something not right with your bike? We’ll guide you step by step to resolve the issue.

Talk to Us

Our expert service representatives can effectively identify and solve uncommon issues to ensure your satisfaction.

Video Calls

Connect with our friendly technical team in real-time via Zoom for patient, expert guidance on any issue.

Support info


Urtopia Carbon 1 FAQs
Why Choose Urtopia?
At Urtopia, we are passionate about creating the ultimate riding experience for our customers. Our focus on technology and design sets us apart from other brands, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and support.

Our products are unique and innovative, featuring materials like carbon fiber and manufacturing processes like liquid forging that give our bikes a high-tech, futuristic look. When you ride an Urtopia ebike, you’ll be the coolest one in the street.

But we’re not just about looks - our bikes are the smartest ebikes on the market, thanks to our cutting-edge algorithms and control technology. Our bikes are equipped with GPS, torque, speed, gyroscope, etc. All of these sensors work together and under our intelligent algorithms to provide a seamless and intelligent riding experience, with features like theft prevention, bike finding, and user community, as well as smart online repair and maintenance services.

We believe in providing exceptional customer service and support. Our internal aftersales service team includes English and German-speaking customer service representatives and technical support personnel. We strive to respond to user requests within 24 hours, diagnose and develop solutions to problems, and provide personalized and attentive support to our customers.

In the United States and Germany, we work with partners to build aftersales centers, manage spare parts, and provide in-store repairs and maintenance services in over 20 stores in the US and over 30 stores in Germany. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible riding experience and to be there for them every step of the way. Choose Urtopia and join us on the ride of a lifetime!
What are the height and weight limits for riders in Carbon 1?
Our full carbon ebike is designed for cyclists with a height range from 170cm - 195cm, the maximal weight bearing is 110kg.
What does ‘Full Carbon Fiber’ mean?
The frame, fork, seatpost and handlebar are all made of carbon fiber, making the Urtopia a super lightweight 15 kg e-bike. An average girl can carry it upstairs without much effort! You can easily put Urtopia in your bike rack on your car and carry to any places by yourself.
What accessories are included in the bike box?
It included the Front wheel, 90% assemble bike frame, seatpost & saddle, charger, removable battery, pedals, Frame bag also double as the tools and spare parts bag, battery key.

In the frame bag it contains every thing you need to assemble the bike: #4 Allen key, Front wheel quick release device, 15 mm wrench and some spare parts.
How do I assemble it when I receive it? How long does it take?
How long does it take to charge the battery? How many miles will it last?
2.5 hours. Based on lab testing, our ebikes are capable of lasting up to 100km in perfect conditions on a single charge. Actual results will vary depending on weight, weather, terrain, mode, riding habits and battery care.
How does our aftersales service work?
At Urtopia, we believe that providing excellent customer service is essential. That’s why we have developed a simple and effective workflow through our CARE program that can help you in many ways.

Using CARE is straightforward and easy. You can submit your requests through any channel, such as email, live chat, or filling out a form on our website. Our experts will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with a range of support and services, through various channels, including email, live chat, phone, and video call. If you need hands-on support, we can guide you to the nearest authorized repair shop for assistance.

To ensure that you stay informed throughout the process, we have an after-sales service tracking system that allows you to check the progress and expected completion time of your case at any time.

We understand that encountering issues with your bike can be frustrating and can disrupt your daily routine. Our CARE program is designed to make your experience with Urtopia as seamless and stress-free as possible. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support, and we genuinely care about your satisfaction.

In summary, the CARE program is a simple and effective workflow that can help you get the support and services you need quickly and efficiently. We are here to provide you with comprehensive, aware, responsive, and effective (C.A.R.E.) support and ensure that you have a positive experience with Urtopia.