Ein Jahr Connect-Service
Ein Jahr Connect-Service

Ein Jahr Connect-Service

1-Jahres-Abonnement für den Connect-Service
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Bei jedem neuen Urtopia E-Bike ist ein Abonnement für 1 Jahr Connect Service inklusive


Das erste Jahr wird automatisch aktiviert, wenn Sie Ihr Fahrrad einrichten. Jedes weitere Jahr muss mit dem digitalen Code aktiviert werden, den Sie per E-Mail erhalten, oder Sie folgen einfach den Anweisungen in der App. Der Connect Service kann später in der App oder als Zubehör auf der Website erworben werden.


Subscription Years

What is Urtopia
Connect Service?

Unlock you e-bike’s full potential with Urtopia Connect Services. Experience the ultimate in smart e-biking with our advanced features and cutting-edge technology. Maximize your performance by harnessing the power of detailed data analysis. Stay on track with GPS tracking and receive theft alerts for added peace of mind. Connect with friends to enhance your riding experience and share your achievements. Update your bike effortlessly while on the go, ensuring it’s always up to date with the latest enhancements. Plus, by riding with us, you can earn carbon credits and unlock exciting rewards. Join us now and elevate your e-biking experience to new heights!

Features Included


GPS tracking
● Movement Alarm
Fence Alarm

Once locked, the internal alarm monitors movements and alerts you about unauthorized ones.

With a reliable 4G connection, the GPS tracking feature ensures that you stay updated on the e-bike’s location, even in the worst case of theft, for up to 30 days.

We have helped users all around the world to locate their beloved e-bike.

More Personalized Data

Track your routes
● Data records in app

Captured journey, created memories, routes, speed, calories burned etc.

The app for this connect service showcases all these functionalities, eagerly awaiting your exploration. Additionally, it offers a playback feature that allows you to relive the routes you have previously ridden.

Stay Updated

OTA through 4G to the latest firmware

With seamless convenience, it grants you effortless access to the latest e-bike features and performance enhancements. You can always expect to receive the newest functions that we announce for the e-bike after your purchase, ensuring that its value is maximized.

Green Deserves Reward

Carbon Credits toExchange the Gifts

Carbon credits are non-monetary rewards earned through activities like daily cycling and referrals in Urtopia App. These credits can be redeemed for cool products related to Urtopia. We aim to offer users practical and fun items that further showcase the lifestyle Urtopia advocates.

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Every new Urtopia e-bike automatically comes with 1 year connect service

The first year will be automatically activated when you activate the bike, additional year of service will need to be redeem by the digital code sent to your email or follow the instruction in the app, the service can be purchase later in app or in accessories on the website.


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* roaming supported on compatible bands


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