Probefahrt in Frankfurt

Take your first step in to experience the stunning appearance and smooth riding. Book a test ride today with our partners and ambassadors! Their extensive expertise and enthusiasm will help you out with any questions in and out.

Probefahrt in Frankfurt

Take your first step in to experience the stunning appearance and smooth riding. Book a test ride today with our partners and ambassadors! Their extensive expertise and enthusiasm will help you out with any questions in and out.

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Telefon:    +49 1741 767140

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Explore the
Urtopia Carbon 1

Explore the
Urtopia Carbon 1

How to Test Ride

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Test Ride FAQ

97% of the customers can be assembled in about 15 minutes, very easy!

Here is the video
We have researched the entire e-bike market and we found that 73% of e-bike damage problems occur in the shipping process. Therefore, we attach great importance to the matter of packaging. The cost of the final version of the packaging is the most expensive in the industry, but also spent a lot of our efforts.

Our CEO visited more than 300 cardboard suppliers when deciding on the outer packaging cardboard.

As well as with designers and technicians, it took 2 months to design the internal partition structure of the carton, in order to make e-bike in the process of transport, to have a better fix.
2.5 hours. Based on lab testing, our ebikes are capable of lasting up to 62 miles in perfect conditions on a single charge. Actual results will vary depending on weight, weather, terrain, mode, riding habits and battery care.
OTA is known as "Over-The-Air", which is an over-the-air download technology. It was widely used in the cell phone industry in the early days, ending the complicated operation of connecting to a computer, downloading software, and then installing updates for cell phone software upgrades.

In recent years, with the continuous development of automotive Internet connection technology, automotive OTA has also become a buzzword in the industry. Remote upgrading of cars through OTA technology can not only continuously improve terminal functions and services for vehicles, allowing owners to have a more convenient and smarter car experience, but can also be used to quickly fix vulnerabilities and help implement car recalls. It is gradually becoming an important measure for companies to solve problems with their software and hardware systems.

Tesla launched Modes S using OTA technology . The update range involves human-computer interaction, automatic driving, power battery system and other modules, when Tesla can complete the key card vulnerability, improve the range, increase the maximum speed, improve the ride comfort, etc. through OTA, so that the car's function iteration is more flexible and convenient.

And in the e-bike field, Urtopia is the first technology-based e-bike that applies OTA technology.For example, the previous Urtopia did not have navigation, but now all Urtopias have navigation.

It means that you spend money once to buy Urtopia, buy a unique e-bike that will be infinitely updated with more features in the future, which is worth more than buying any brand and maximizes your investment!
The design was spent more than half a year. This is a crazy structure, but the quality is important. Urtopia Carbon eBike has passed 35% more than the regular BS EN 14766 standard. 165 kg load was applied 100 K times at 3 Hz frequency, Urtopia frame and handlebar passed the really crazy testing conditions. Here is the testing video. The frame was tested under extreme conditions

As you can see,Urtopia carbon fiber both design and functionality are extraordinary, are independently designed and made, we do not do ordinary products, we only create unique, this is the meaning of Urtopia birth, and why we choose the field of technology and intelligence, rather than follow others to make ordinary e-bike.
It included the Front wheel, 90% assemble bike frame, seatpost & saddle, charger, removable battery, pedals, Frame bag also double as the tools and spare parts bag, battery key. 

In the frame bag it contains every thing you need to assemble the bike:  #4 Allen key, Front wheel quick release device, 15 mm wrench and some spare parts.
Yes. Any bike is required to be locked with a physical lock.

Our Ebikes are less likely to be stolen because we have trigger alarms GPS tracking. If it does get stolen, the thief can't use the electricity because they don't have fingerprints, and as long as the car has electricity, you can see your bike's location through the app.

But that doesn't mean Urtopia doesn't need to buy a physical lock to lock.

Here are 3 stories of customers who got their stolen Urtopia back through the app:
The headlight conforms to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). For the bike rear, we have our proprietary safety lights array ARES (Advanced Rear Early-indication System), which is composed of a red position light, an mmWave radar, and two projection lights to indicate turn directions.
Our eBike is designed for cyclists with a height range from 5’7’’-6’5’’ , the maximal weight bearing is 240 Ibs(110 kg).
You can easily switch between the five power modes (Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport and Turbo) with one click or voice control. Turbo mode allows you to ride comfortably with little effort in each pedalling. To conform to the laws of