“The AI-powered co-pilot adds a new level of intelligence and interactivity to the already tech-infused e-bikes offered by Urtopia.”
“Urtopia has integrated the AI chatbot with its own voice recognition system, allowing users to speak their queries and get whatever answers they want.”
“Now the company has taken it one step further by becoming the first electric bicycle company to integrate ChatGPT directly into its e-bike.”
AI Revolution
of Software
World’s First Smart E-Bike with ChatGPT Integration
Urtopia revolutionizes= cycling with the world’s first smart ebike featuring integrated ChatGPT for demo voice interaction.
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Also Integrated with
AI Revolution
of Hardware
Control Your E-Bike
with a Ring
Connect to Urtopia ebike—your AI health companion. assisting in awakening and easily controlling Urtopia, monitor daily stats, and receive personalized feedback and plans for optimal well-being.
Just Fingertip,
Magic Happens
With just a swipe of the ring, power on, play music, or even engage in a conversation with ChatGPT. The ring allows customizable interactions for all smart functions.
Your AI Health Manager
During Riding
As a part of the Urtopia ring ecosystem, the ring not only detects your heart rate during cycling but also integrates with cycling data to provide feedback on your overall health and potential risks after each ride. It generates a health report and optimizes the assistance level output for each ride based on this information. In case of sudden and significant changes in heart rate, the system will also issue an alert.
Intelligent Connectivity,
And Health Insights
Ring monitors sleep, offers bedtime guidance, and tailors today’s ride plan based on yesterday’s rest. Your assurance for a healthy cycling journey.
Sync with E-Bike
Safety Light from
from Smart Helmet
Always Safety First—The smart helmet connected to Urtopia, operating lights simultaneously. It provides more noticeable cues to the rear during nighttime rides.
E-Bike and Helmet,
They Have the Same Mind
A fully integrated AI smart hardware, top-tier suite, and the world’s first dual-motor, dual-battery ebike will officially debut at CES.
AI Revolution
of E-Bike
The world’s first dual-motor,
dual-battery bicycle
A fully integrated AI smart hardware, top-tier suite, and the world’s first dual-drive dual-battery ebike will officially debut at CES.
The Smooth riding
belong to
Only You
Urtopia ebike will automatically adjust acceleration based on your weight, momentum, pedal frequency, wind speed, and the current riding scenario. After a period, Urtopia will fully learn ‘Your ride,’ providing only you with the most comfortable cycling experience.
Learn Your Ride,
Adapt Your Pedal
Based on the torque sensor, it provides a balanced pedal frequency, preventing empty strokes, and adapts to your riding conditions. Whether facing uphill or downhill, the sensor ensures the most suitable control for ‘you.
OTA Update
The e-bike always evolving
We offer full control over firmware upgrades for the entire ebike, enabling the optimization and refinement of all its features. You can schedule OTA upgrades at your convenience, ensuring a seamless and secure process with a thorough automated vehicle health check before each update, guaranteeing safety and stability.
AIOT Platform
Why We are Smartest E-Bike
Urtopia’s electric bike operation system (OS) encompasses a motor, electronic control unit (ECU), and IoT sensor system linked through a CAN bus. The system seamlessly connects to Urtopia’s cloud servers via 4G eSIM, where a proprietary app and control software operate. The open API allows integration with external services like ChatGPT, AI coaching, navigation apps, and Apple Health, forming a cohesive product ecosystem. This integration not only enhances user customization but also positions Urtopia as a versatile and innovative platform. The cloud infrastructure enables continuous evolution, ensuring Urtopia stays at the forefront of AI + bike applications.