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Urtopia e-bikes now available on 4 different leasing platforms 

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Since climate change has become impossible to ignore, more and more environmentally friendly alternatives are being developed, including in the field of mobility. Leaving the car behind and commuting to work with a trendy e-bike is becoming increasingly popular. E-bikes are not only more environmentally friendly but also much more affordable in terms of acquisition and maintenance compared to a car. However, these stylish rides are not entirely free, of course. For those who are hesitant about the costs, e-bike leasing is an option. Many employers support this by providing subsidies or even covering the leasing installments.

Urtopia e-bikes, such as the Urtopia Carbon One model, which has been causing a stir in the German market for some time, are now available through four different leasing platforms. So, those who want to secure one of these stylish models have a variety of options to choose from. Previously, Urtopia e-bikes were available on two leasing platforms, namely Jobrad and, and now, in June, two more have been added: Business Bike and Bikeleasing. With these four popular leasing partners, Urtopia offers the right offer for every need.

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Compelling arguments: Why the four platforms chose Urtopia

Not every e-bike brand is qualified to provide leasing services.

JobRad rates Urtopia as a first-class e-bike brand with a recognized network of over 30 local service stores in Germany.

BikeLeasing has accepted Urtopia as the first global online business brand to collaborate with BikeLeasing. The strong brand power of Urtopia has captivated BikeLeasing, even though BikeLeasing originally had no plans to add a new e-bike manufacturer.

Business Bike and These two leasing platforms have chosen to partner with Urtopia based on consistently high customer satisfaction and the reliability of Urtopia's after-sales system.

Urtopia stands out as a leading brand in the e-bike industry and has earned a reputation for its compliance and credibility. The brand's commitment to producing high-quality electric bicycles that meet the strict standards of leasing companies has made it an ideal choice for leasing platforms. Urtopia has 30 test ride locations and 27 customer service centers in Germany.

Urtopia electric bike after service team
Urtopia electric bike after service team

Riding to work cost-effectively with a leased e-bike

Many companies support their employees' desire to commute to work with an e-bike. Naturally, the e-bike can also be used for private purposes. The technologically advanced e-bike models from Urtopia are now available on platforms such as Jobrad, mein-dienstrad, Business Bike, and Bikeleasing. One can choose the platform preferred by the employer.

What exactly happens with e-bike leasing?

In corporate bike rental, an individual rents a bicycle through their company, as opposed to private rental. The company enters into a rental agreement with a rental platform such as Jobrad, businessbike, bikeleasing,, etc. The platform then orders bicycles from the provider, in this case, Urtopia, for rental to the company. The company encourages its employees to utilize the tax benefits as an employee perk.

Sometimes a bit of persuasion is required, but prestige and environmental awareness naturally play a significant role today. E-mobility is on everyone's lips, and rightfully so! After all, there is a significant difference between emitting car exhaust on the way to work and contributing to climate protection by using an e-bike. The ecological footprint is significantly smaller in any case.

Urtopia electric bike factory
Urtopia electric bike factory

Saving taxes while riding an e-bike

At the same time, employees enjoy significant tax benefits as they ride their dream bicycles in return for their wages. There are even a number of companies that provide their employees with bicycles completely free of charge. Today, company executives know very well that providing company bicycles is a good way to promote the implementation of green concepts in society.

Perhaps as an employee, you may need to convince one or two bosses, but most will surely be open to anyone considering the purchase of an e-bike.

Once the decision is made, the employee then leases the e-bike and allows the employee to use it through salary conversion. Depending on the leasing model, savings of 30 to 40% can be achieved compared to purchasing privately. If the employer covers all costs, private use is even completely tax-free.

And for those who are not quite sure if an e-bike is right for them, they can convince themselves by booking an online test ride at one of the numerous Urtopia e-bike sales outlets: There is no better combination of easy-to-use technology and casual elegance.

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Explore the
Urtopia Carbon One

Explore the
Urtopia Carbon One

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