Urtopia Carbon 1 vs Cowboy 4

In the ever-expanding electric bike market, two standout brands have garnered considerable attention: Urtopia and Cowboy. These brands are often compared as smart e-bikes, and we’re here to provide a comprehensive comparison between the two.

Urtopia is a company driven by innovation, committed to enhancing people’s lives through technology. With its Smartbar IOT platform, integrated with multiple sensors and continuously optimized control algorithms through OTA upgrades, Urtopia is at the forefront of creating intelligent e-bikes that redefine the concept of smart transportation.

In terms of design and target audience, Urtopia offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, appealing to those seeking a stylish and agile ride, whether for city commuting or sporty leisure rides. Conversely, Cowboy embraces a minimalistic design that may not be the most ideal for sporty riding scenarios.

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebike
Urtopia vs Cowboy ebike

Urtopia Carbon 1 vs Cowboy 4: Key aspect in detail

Weight of the eBike & Body Material: 

Urtopia is 4kg lighter than Cowboy 4, equivalent to a newborn baby or a bag of potatoes. This weight reduction contributes to a better riding experience, improved maneuverability, and easier transportation. The Urtopia Carbon 1’s full carbon fiber design enhances power transfer, responsiveness, and comfort by effectively absorbing vibrations and reducing fatigue. Light weight matters for a more enjoyable and efficient ride.

Read to know Why light weight is important.

Urtopia effortlessly transitions between electric and manual power, providing the flexibility to enjoy a traditional biking experience when desired. Its lightweight carbon fiber construction ensures easy handling and maneuverability, even without electric assistance. With Urtopia Carbon 1, you can experience the perfect balance of performance, durability, and an exhilarating ride.

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike
Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike

Power Modes:

Urtopia offers three customizable assist levels, allowing users to adapt to their specific needs and riding conditions. In contrast, Cowboy 4 has only one preset power mode. Urtopia stands out as the clear winner in providing versatility and personalized riding experiences.

Drive chain:

Urtopia have the option to choose 7-speed Shimano Acera transmission, providing riders with versatility for various riding scenarios. In comparison, Cowboy 4 has a single speed. Urtopia’s multi-speed capability allows for a wider range of riding possibilities. Furthermore, its lightweight design enables riders to use it like a regular bike when desired.

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike
Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike

Removable Battery and Quick Charging Time: 

Urtopia Carbon 1 offers a faster charging time of 2.5 hours, while Cowboy 4 takes 3.5 hours to fully charge. 

With shorter charging times, Urtopia allows riders to spend more time on the road and less time waiting for their e-bike to recharge.

Urtopia vs Cowboy 4— Smart Points

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike

Build in display

Urtopia Carbon 1 features a large and clear built-in display on the smartbar, providing easy access to essential information such as current speedmode, battery level, speed, cadence, power output, trip distance, calories burned, current time and event weather for the next 1 hour.

In contrast, Cowboy 4 requires users to connect to their phones for a display, which can be less visible under direct sunlight. Urtopia’s integrated display enhances the riding experience with convenient access to key data and navigation information.


Urtopia offers multiple ways to control the bike, including a control pad on the bike itself, voice commands, and control through the app. In contrast, Cowboy 4 only allows control through the app, limiting options if you forget your phone or it runs out of battery.

Urtopia also stands out as the first e-bike to connect to chat GPT, enabling natural conversation for processing commands and providing advanced functionalities.

Unlocking method 

When it comes to unlocking the bike, Cowboy proves to be extremely inconvenient compared to Urtopia. While Urtopia offers the convenience of a fingerprint reader and app unlock, allowing users to access the bike easily in any circumstance, Cowboy lacks these features and falls short in terms of convenience, safety and unauthorized access prevention.

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike
Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike

Bluetooth musicbox

This is an unique feature that is only on Urtopia. Experience the ultimate biking soundtrack with Urtopia’s built-in speakers. Connect your phone or music device effortlessly and immerse yourself in a world of melody as you ride through stunning landscapes and conquer challenging terrains. Let the rhythm of your favorite playlists harmonize with the exhilaration of your ride, creating an unforgettable biking experience.


When it comes to anti-theft functionality, Urtopia and Cowboy both offer this feature. However, Urtopia provides the advantage of a free one-year activation period (only €45 per year after that), while Cowboy requires a yearly fee of €120  to activate it. 


Experience exceptional value with Urtopia e-bike. Priced at just 2699 with free shipping after a generous discount of 600, it offers unbeatable affordability. 

In contrast, the Cowboy 4 comes with a price tag of 3065, including shipping costs. Urtopia stands out as the clear winner, providing superior features and quality without breaking the bank. 

Choose Urtopia for the best value and ride in style and comfort.


In the world of electric bicycles, Urtopia stands out as a true leader. 

With its impressive features, advanced smart functionalities, innovative design, and exceptional performance, it surpasses its competitors, including Cowboy, on every level.

When making your decision, these key points make a compelling case for choosing Urtopia as your preferred e-bike. 

Experience the future of riding with Urtopia and embark on an extraordinary journey like no other.

Urtopia vs Cowboy ebikeUrtopia vs Cowboy ebike

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