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Only when you zero in on problems yet to be addressed, can you have a chance to impart real value.

At Urtopia, we realize that a great product demands reinvention. Nothing commonplace is able to appeal in an increasingly competitive world of homogeneous commodities. Only when you zero in on problems yet to be addressed, can you have a chance to impart real value.

It’s never easy but some people do it really well. Ben Baller, claimed as the “Best Jewelers in the World”, has not only reinvented luxury jewelry by making custom diamond pieces for every A-list celebrity in Hollywood, but also reinvented himself four times before becoming the iconic designer.

A college athlete playing basketball and football, Ben went on to work on films with his degree in cinematography. Ben always hustles and knows people. An off chance made him a hip-hop DJ at the world-famous Roxbury nightclub from where he has worked with Jay-Z, Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre, and became a record producer. None of the above worked out. But so what? Ben then became a jewelry artist for the biggest names in pop culture: Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, and even the legend himself, Michael Jackson.

This fourth time, Ben Baller’s mojo stuck on and propelled him to a stellar position rarely seen in jewelry. His previously more famous sister Jeanne Yang, a highly coveted stylist known for her work with Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr. etc., was even asked if her real family name was Baller. How could Ben achieve stardom in a traditional industry in less than ten years? Reinventing an old business with bold ideas is key. Choosing the best materials and using only top-notch craftsmanship are just the minimum. What sets Ben apart is his endless collaboration with gods in other realms. Be it with Takashi Murakami or Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS), they have all become pop-culture phenomena leveraging the power of internet.

 But Ben’s collaboration doesn’t stop at arts. He also works with rum brand Captain Morgan and K-pop band BTS, among others, where he uses his gift in jewelry to inspire passion for household names. Never one for modesty, Ben Baller has always flabbergasted the mediocre. For an idea, just look at his $3-million diamond encrusted chain for The Hundreds and the $1 million KAWS-inspired necklace for Kid Cudi. Yet, his boldness with dazzling stones is overshadowed by his originality in collaboration.

This time, Ben is venturing out with Urtopia, a startup bound to reinvent e-bikes.

It all started with an accidental encounter. A well-trained athlete from school, Ben has always enjoyed cycling as a recreational sport. His passion for supercars and appreciation for high-end materials have long familiarized him with carbon fiber as the undisputed choice for a bike. So, when his friend showed him the Urtopia full-carbon e-bike, he bought it without much deliberation. But it is only after he’s used the bike for a week, Ben was truly impressed and couldn’t wait to make his excitement known to the world on his Instagram. Aside from carbon fiber and the look, Ben Baller specifically commented on the powerful Turbo mode and the smart features with comprehensive connectedness. “This is it…it’s got everything…it’s incredibly well-built…hit the beach with it”, said Ben Baller.

One outstanding tech feature that allured Ben is anti-theft. While a good look and a light weight are highly sought-after traits for a customer, they’re equally desired by thieves everywhere. How to address this inherent conflict in a product? Urtopia set out to reinvent functions such as thumbprint start, unauthorized movement alerts, and real-time locating and integrated them flawlessly on the Urtopia Carbon One. Although common in other devices, Urtopia has improved on and bunched these functions together in a bike to maximize the cost of stealing and minimize the effort of finding it back. With the memory his expensive bikes getting stolen still fresh, no wonder anti-theft struck a chord with Ben Baller! As he recommends this major reinvention to many of his followers with unfaltering enthusiasm, it’s ever more reassuring in light of the numerous actual cases where customers have found their stolen Urtopian e-bikes back with anti-theft.

Ben is getting more Urtopia e-bikes for his family and friends. In fact, he’s going to use Urtopia Carbon One e-bikes as rewards for his first annual Washed Lord Golf Invitational this April, along with a Bentley or McLaren! What’s more, Ben has offered to put his design prowess into action with Urtopia and a Ben Baller customized Carbon One e-bike is now underway. This is unprecedented as Ben Baller has an extremely high standard for the caliber of his collaborators, with a slew of major brands and products constantly waiting in line for his favor.

Great minds think alike. Reinvention has shaped Ben Baller’s legendary life and enterprise. We believe Urtopia’s reinvention in design, technology as well as functions will also drive us to come up with more groundbreaking products and features.

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Urtopia Carbon 1

Explore the
Urtopia Carbon 1

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